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 Well Known Pet Tamers

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PostSubject: Well Known Pet Tamers   Thu Jul 12, 2007 3:38 am

If you've ever had a Common Card Tamed for you, or if somebody has tried to scam you. Post in here. Also post tips on how not to get scammed.

Tamers: Lydian Server
[VGG] Shukkie (+5)
Electrana (+5, going for +6 or so I've heard)
Zephyn (+5)
Zohra (+4)
TinyXD (+4)

Scammers: Lydian Server
TlNYxD (TinyXD Impersonator)
Stalks around Laksy, responds to tame requests via PM but never shouts his taming "service". Appears to be scared of being found out.
Will ask you to transfer card to his Cleric Alt.
If it appears you are on to him will not show to the tame spot

Tips for avoiding scams:
1. ALWAYS type the name out when you PM a tamer. ALWAYS. Especially if it has an I or an L in it.

2. Ask to see the tame card before tame

3. Be in a party with the tamer and be next to them so you can see the fail/succeed message

4. Never give a common card to an alt or anything

That's all I've got to say. Add anything else if you want. Info on other servers would be helpful. If somebody has tried to scam you give details so we can make a kind of record about them.
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Well Known Pet Tamers
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