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 #$% pacifism! I wanna kill someone.

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PostSubject: #$% pacifism! I wanna kill someone.   Sat Aug 11, 2007 6:58 am

SpartanFire knows my deep hatred for copying #$% without giving credit but I'm long past deep hatred, I've completely lost sight of homicidal tendencies, and I'm lingering on the fence of intent to kill.

$%@ing lil #$%s. Someone stole my tag and I hate you who ever you are.

Ok let me start from the beginning...If you check my sig you'll see "NVus?". I use that to label all my #$%. My Sprays, logos, all the #$%. So when i first started playing rappelz I made my own guild named this. I plan to start recruiting when i hit higher lvl but anyways...some lil piece of #$% #$%ers ripped my name.

I was watching my friend play counter strike the other day and i saw a few people who made their own clan name called NVus. WTF, I thought maybe coincidence that we found the same idea so i had my friend ask them if they play rappelz. They said yes...

This is #$%ing Bull#$%. If you know these little #$%s or you are one of um. tell all of them to get there mother #$%ing #$% #$% names away from my tag.

Now I maybe overreacting a tad bit, and I may be overstepping my position of a mod by putting this in the general section when it probably belongs in Off-Topic, Guild, or Noobish Talk but does it really look like i care right now? Hey atleast I bothered to censor everything and color this part.

Pacifist - Pantera
Pessimist - Everywhere else
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PostSubject: my condolences   Sat Aug 11, 2007 12:25 pm

Srry pacifist... I moved it

I didn't put it in the noobish talk (cause i agree with you completely on this subject) but it doesn't belong in general.

My best solution....get counterstrike and get really good or hiyer chaosfighter to go pwn the little &%*@ers that took your fabulous name's virginity.


When you try, you risk failure...When you don't, you ensure it.

I have designed a new forum modeled after this one based on extreme motorsports. I am the webmaster/admin for the site and there is another admin there as well (so i will still stay dedicated to Rappelz Master)
Please visit the site and register a free account here
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PostSubject: Re: #$% pacifism! I wanna kill someone.   Sun Aug 12, 2007 10:00 pm

I will do it for free. Twisted Evil I like pwning noobs! Twisted Evil Just ask your friend if he can get there user ids so i can TRACK THEM DOWN! Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: #$% pacifism! I wanna kill someone.   

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#$% pacifism! I wanna kill someone.
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