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 Unity Recruiting

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PostSubject: Unity Recruiting   Unity Recruiting Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2007 10:06 am

Unity is now recruiting all members of any level. We are many people of any nationality, gender, class, ect. joined together in order to make the best of rappelz.

We spend much of our time chatting together and sharing information. We help lower levels acheive their goals and work together to acheive our own.

This guild is owned by two cofounders who consult guild members before making guild related decisions.

We prefer not to have PKers in our guild in order to keep our lower guildies safe. If one member PKs a person for a sensless reason, then every time that person sees our symbol they will try for revenge. We do not mind PK for vengance or if provoked (suck as KSing).

If you are on pantera server and are interested in joining Unity please PM Spartanfire or Villarian.

When you try, you risk failure...When you don't, you ensure it.
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Unity Recruiting
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