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 wts 111 sh rappelz lydian

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PostSubject: wts 111 sh rappelz lydian   wts 111 sh rappelz lydian Icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2008 8:49 pm


I've spent almost over an year on this char and it has a lot of good stuff. It's in the top clan of the server. I got a r4 blue pixie and a r4 skeleton along with all +4 cards, also with at least +8 lvl 10 r4 or +4 r5 gear on. Shadowhunters are up there in the top in pvp and very useful in seiges.
I recently reinstalled rappelz to put in some more details and get some pictures. Here's the list down.

wts 111 sh rappelz lydian Rappelzinforn6.th

lvl 10 r4 clean cape
lvl 10 r4 cash shop helm
lvl 10 r5 +5 armor
lvl 10 r4 +8 gloves
lvl 10 r5 +4 boots
lvl 10 r4 +9 XBOW
a clean r5 xbow
lvl 1 r4 clean belt

+10 lvl 85 clean pantera
+10 lvl 93 b pixie with all jp put into pvp/seige build

+4 deep evasion
+4 hunter impact
+4 assasin impact
+4 quick pace
+4 provoke shot
+4 head breaker
+4 sleeping dust
+4 oblivion
+4 concentration
+4 critical shot
+3 double shot
+2 dark strike
+2 poison shot
+2 cursed arrow
+2 stun shaft
+2 dusk style
+2 agile style
+2 burning style

31 extra r5 def cubes and 14 r4 def 6 cube skills and 2 lvl 6 r4 vict swords
got around 60m rupees.

my char is in the top guild of lydian and my shadowhunter doesnt lose to anyone 5 lvls above his class especially with my dex/vit build except for a really well played chaos mage. He's wrathed atm because I've gone on a killing spree but can be removed with 1-2k scrolls.

my email is [EMAIL="foxfinal15@hotmail.com"]foxfinal15@hotmail.com[/EMAIL]
my msn is [EMAIL="foxfinal15@hotmail.com"]foxfinal15@hotmail.com[/EMAIL]

also selling lvl 110 chaos mage with +9 lvl 10 r5 staff and +9 lvl 10 r5 mage armor
all other gear is r4 highly upped

+10 lvl 93 b pix
with no jp spent

wts 111 sh rappelz lydian Rappelzinfo2cmqx0.th

also in the top guild of the server along with my sh.
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wts 111 sh rappelz lydian
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