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PostSubject: rsgold rsgold   Wed Dec 02, 2009 7:35 pm

In the last runescape gold year or two there has been increasing demand for Runescape accounts and Runescape gold, and with anything in life, if there is demand and it can be supplied at a profit people will more than likely be willing to oblige runescape money by selling their product or service. In this case of Runescape accounts there seems to always be Runescape accounts for sale on eBay along with Runescape gold and items, but be warned not only are the runescape accounts majority of such auctions fraudulent attempts to scam buyers of their money they are also against Runescape usage policy which stipulates that there is to be no real world trading for Runescape accounts or in-game runescape gold gold or items. So even if you were able to purchase an account Jagex itself would most likely be ban that account if it managed to work out that it was purchased illegitimately. So whilst many of the offers may seem tempting you are much better off runescape accounts just to create your own free Runescape account and play the game for fun and enjoyment whilst developing your character along the way.
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rsgold rsgold
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