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 Vortex is recruiting

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Vortex is recruiting Empty
PostSubject: Vortex is recruiting   Vortex is recruiting Icon_minitimeMon Dec 03, 2007 3:23 pm

Yup, the freshly created guild called 'Vortex' is now officially recruiting members. To start it simply and direct to the point, I'll post what we're (going to be) about, and then the minimum requirements and our guidelines.

Who we are
Vortex is a fresh guild, and one that strives to be a strong and big one, but most of all, to be a pleasant and sociable one.
Well, what more can be said? Like any other guild, we're basically a group of people going around killing things, helping each other, and have fun. If you like that, then why not join?

Minimum Requirements
There isn't a whole lot in here. We basically take any class, from any race. However, the requirements we DO have, are as follows:
    The minumum level is Level 15. However, if you are below that level, you can still join, taken that you will reach this level in 7 days (Believe me, this is very do-able)

    Being able to speak English. If others can't understand you, or the other way around, then it'll only cause trouble.

    Have Job Level 10.

    Have your class transferred. We do not take Steppers, Rogues and Guides.

The most important section. We'd like it if you followed these guidelines.

    Be social. A guild is still a group of people, and those people should be respected. Multiple antisocial comments, especially those against other GuildMembers, will result in a kick from the guild.

    Be a (semi)regular member. I don't mind if you leave for a week or two, or maybe a month, but please inform me if you plan to stay out for a certain time, because of vacation, per example.

    Help me recruit new members. If you see a promising guy/girl who doesn't have a guild yet, ask them if they'd like to join us, and inform me about this member. Make sure he/she knows how to follow those guidelines, and has the Minumum Requirements.

    Help others. This guild is not trying to gain a bad image for itself, so try to do it. Instead, help others wih offering advice and, if you can miss it, items. If you plan on gaining a new weapon soon, then ask around in the Guild if anyone has a use for your old one, other than selling it.

    Don't do KillStealing. It gives us a bad name. If you DO do this by accident, make sure to apoligize.

    I have no trouble with PKing, as long as both you and the other person agreed to it. Have fu batling eachother Smile

Read all, understood all, and now you want to join? That's easy. You can either send me an E-Mail (marvinhiemstra@hotmail.com), send a PM, or contact me in-game.
My characters are: Boilman, Flamested and Jahev. Since Boilman is my main, and the guild leader, add him first.

If you choose to send me an E-Mail/PM, then please include the following in it:
    Character Name

    Current Class

    Current Level

    Current Job Level

Hope to see some of you guys in my guild soon Very Happy
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Vortex is recruiting
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